Ticket Prices

Face value ticket prices at the Prince of Wales Theatre:

Section Face Value Prices
Premium Seats £200/£150/£125/£97.50
Centre of Stalls and Circle £85/£80/£75
Side and Rear of Stalls and Circle £52.50/£50/£47.50/£37.50/£32.50/£30/£27.50

Lottery Ticket information  

These will be available at each performance at £20 each.

Entries to the lottery will only be accepted in person at the Box Office two and a half hours before every performance. The lucky names will then be drawn at random two hours before each show. The winners will then be able to buy their tickets for £20.  Please note, these lottery tickets are subject to availability, and are often very popular.

Lottery tickets are a fun way of buying tickets inspired by the current trend on Broadway, making sure cheaper seats are available to everyone on an equal basis. Some fans play the lottery every day in hope of seeing the show. Will you be lucky enough to win…?

Let us know if you have ever played a show lottery before by commenting below!